• All orders less than £100 are charged £25 flat rate.
  • If your purchase order is above £100, our fee would be £25 for the first £100, followed by 3% on the remaining sum.
    For example, your total purchase order is £300. Our charge is £25 on the first £100, plus 3% on £200 (£6).
    Total charge would be £25 + £6 = £31.
  • We fully fund your purchase. In order for us to process your order we require a deposit of £10.

  • Deposit paid via Paypal. The remaining sum is paid upon delivery to our driver.
  • Please be advised that all card payments incur a 3% processing fee. This fee is the amount we are charged by the card merchant to process your payment.
  • Often while at the IKEA pickup we buy many items for our clients collectively in one order. In such instances we are unable to buy your individual IKEA items as per one independent purchase. Therefore in such cases we would be able to provide you only with a copy of the original reciept, not an individual standalone receipt.
  • Optional extra charges

  • Floor handling. There is a £10 charge if you require our driver to handle your items in a lift, and £20 charge to handle your items without a lift.
  • Two men needed. There is a £20 charge if you require two men to handle your IKEA purchase.
  • When to deliver. We charge additional £10 if you require us to deliver ASAP within one day. Equally, if you are flexible within 3 weeks we provide a discount of £10.
  • Congestion charge. If your delivery postcode is within Congestion Charge Zone, there is a £11.50 extra charge.

  • To proceed please Place order now.

    For a limited time only we offer free delivery on your IKEA order